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Run Python Hello World Program on Docker Container

In this post I’ll tell you how to run a simple python Hello World Program on Docker Container. In my last post I have already tell you how to Run Java Hello World Program On Docker Container If you don’t know what is docker then you can check my previous post What is Docker? |… Read More »

Run Java Hello World Program On Docker Container

In this tutorial I’ll tell you how to run a simple Java Hello World program on docker container with the help of Dockerfile. Before starting this tutorial you should have prior knowledge of What is Docker and how to write a simple java hello world program. I am a Linux user so I’ll use my… Read More »

Couchbase Index Automation Scripts

In Couchbase, indexes are used to fetch data in less time. With the increase in number of documents in a bucket, number of keys value pairs increase. Hence when we execute a query without any secondary index (with only primary index) then it has to scan entire key-value pairs to match the filter condition. So… Read More »

Restore Couchbase Data with cbrestore Command

Being as a database administrator you must know how to take backup and restore backup data whenever required. In my previous tutorial I taught you how to take couchbase backup.  Today I am gonna tell you how to restore Couchbase data. Cocuhbase data restore operation will help you in disaster recovery activity. Couchbase is a… Read More »

List of AWS Free Tier Services | EC2, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, Lambda

AWS or Amazon Web Services is cloud service provider that provides more than 165 fully featured services. AWS is big shareholder in cloud providers. The basic cloud services by AWS are – 1. EC2 Machines 2. Databases 3. Storage 4. Security Management(Firewall) 5. Identity Management 6. Load Balancing 7. Auto Scaling Earlier, organisation had to… Read More »

What is Docker? | How Docker Works? | Learn Docker Basic Commands

Docker is an open source devops tool which is designed to create, deploy and run your applications on lightweight containers. Docker works same as virtual machine(VM) does. But unlike VM instead of creating a new operating system, docker allows applications to use host operating system. Docker is available for Windows, Linux MacOS. Docker container allows… Read More »

What is Couchbase Server? How it works?

Couchbase is an open source, NoSQL distributed database where the data in JSON format is stored in documents. Unlike RDBMS there is buckets instead of tables. In buckets data is stored in key-value format. Install Couchbase Visit the following link to install couchbase on your machine Here, I am going to give you a… Read More »